President Message

September 22, 2014

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Dear Members,

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful summer. The Executive Board and I have been very busy getting a contract from the City for most of you to vote on. Along with DC37, we are part of the CUNY Coalition and still in negotiations with CUNY for our CUNY brethren.

On September 8, 2014 over 60% of the membership covered by the tentative agreement voted and 97% of those that voted said “YES” to accept the offer that we negotiated with the City of New York. This is inclusive of the Mayoralty Agencies, N.Y.C.H.A., Health and Hospitals Corporation and the Department of Education. The deal was a mirror image of what DC37 had negotiated but with a few minor differences. We decided by extending the contract four months at the end we would receive an additional .52%. The Board then voted to put this percentage towards our Annuity Funds. We feel all titles (and there are many) that are in our Union will benefit equally by putting it towards our Annuity Fund. The deal was not the greatest and could have been more but once a pattern is set the City will not vary from it. We were one of the first smaller Unions to negotiate a contract with the City. There was a lot of work put into this over the summer and we know that all of you appreciated it because of the consensus of the membership to ratify the contract. At the writing of this message we have no dates concerning when we will be receiving the back monies.

The mid-term elections are coming in November and remember to vote. The Tea Party needs to be soundly defeated or they will put us back to the stone-age with their narrow minded thinking. Thank God for small miracles in that there are not too many running here in New York State. Our big election will be for Governor and all of you should get out and vote. As I have said in many messages people have died so we could vote. It doesn’t matter who you support just get out there and vote.

Finally, it is with great pleasure that I am announcing we are moving our Holiday Party to Giando on the Water. There is limited space at Giando on the Water and by moving the party there we need to take measures to control the crowd. The Holiday Party is for the enjoyment of the membership of Local 300. Therefore, we have been advised by our Insurance and our International that only members should attend. The policy of bringing a guest must come to an end. We have been advised by consultants that this custom is practiced by all Unions and many corporations. The time has also come for Local 300 to put into practice this policy for the good of the Local. We hope to see many of our members at the party.

In closing, our General Membership will be October 1, 2014 at 6:00PM in our Union office located at 36-36 33rd Street Suite 200 Long Island City, New York 11106. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden