President Message

September 2012

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Dear members,

I hope all of you had a refreshing and enjoyable summer. The Executive Board and I would like to give an update on our contract negotiations. We have joined with the rest of the City Unions in basically waiting out our illustrious mayor’s final term. He has decided he does not believe in negotiations and basically said we need to take zeroes or else don’t bother speaking with them. This is not how negotiations are supposed to work and even he knows that. So we sit and wait and hope that possibly he comes to his senses, which I doubt or the next mayor will be more reasonable.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t seem to realize that you can’t live on zeroes when everything around you is going up. There have been drastic cuts to staffing during his administration and we would like to know where did all that money go? There seems to be no shortage of outside contractors doing all kinds of work that used to be performed by city workers. These, too lead to budgetary savings but it puts city workers out of work and employs civilian workers at a lower salary, therefore lowering the standard of living for all. But the answer is this, Mayor Bloomberg is part of the problem with the whole country, he is a member of the one percent.

We need to stand up in November and not allow our country to be taken over by the one percent. The primary agenda of Romney and Ryan is to attack and dissolve Medicare. They want along with the rest of the Republicans to end all programs that guarantee our future as we get older. After Medicare is dismantled I can guarantee Social Security will be next. They are running around saying that it won’t affect those on it now, but the rest of us will be screwed when we enter our golden years. This is evil and is an attempt to garner votes from today’s seniors at the expense of the rest of us.

Remember it is important to vote in November because we need to keep the country on the course that was started by President Obama for four more years.

With that we hope to see all of you at our next General Membership located in our Union Office at 36-36 33rd Street suite 200 L.I.C, New York 11106, At 6:00PM September 19, 2012. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden