President Message

June 2013

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Dear members,

I hope all of you are well. I have a few things that I believe all of you need to know concerning our ongoing contract negotiations with the City. Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway sent a letter to the MLC outlining a path to settlement with the unions that are members of the MLC that have unsettled contracts. The first concession the Unions must agree to pay a percentage of our Health Care premium because 95% of the city employees pay nothing towards their Health Insurance. The second concession is that the Unions agree to no retroactive raises. These requests to the Executive Board and myself seem absolutely ludicrous and absolutely insane by an outgoing regime that has absolutely lost touch with the people.

This regime has decided that we need to send out proposals for our Health Insurance because HIP and GHI merged. This alone sounds like a good idea but these companies merged three to four years ago, why weren’t we asked at that point in time to send out the proposals? It looks to me that this regime has decided to make it extremely difficult to come to any contract agreement and possibly reward Insurance Companies that the regime looks on favorably.

We work hard and prices have been going up for the last two years. We have lost members that were not replaced and we have all picked up the extra work. They cannot expect us to just capitulate to their demands. The way that the City comes across is that unless you are willing to accept these conditions don’t bother coming to the table. The change is coming in November and all the unions need to support whichever candidate is the most Union friendly.

The one thing that sticks in my throat is about the co-premium that needs to be raised because 98% of the private sector pays part of their premium. This statement was made by Deputy Mayor Holloway. He also fails to realize that the 98% percent of those private sector workers receive their drug coverage through their Health Insurance while most City employees receive their drug coverage from their Unions. This is a large expense when it comes to coverage and will drive the price of the coverage up. These are the types of selective information that is being leaked to the public to demonize the civil service worker. This regime is not Labor’s friend and anyone associated with it should not be trusted to be our next mayor. This mayoral election is very important to all of us and we need to choose wisely.

I hope to see you at our next General Membership meeting on Wednesday June 19, 2013 in our Union Office located at 36-36 33rd street ste. 200 LIC, New York 11106 at 6:00PM. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden