President Message

June 2012

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Dear members,

Summer is approaching fast and I am sure that all of you are in the middle of vacation plans. I would like to take this time on behalf of the Board and myself to wish all a safe and wonderful summer. At this time we have nothing to report on contract talks with City except if we are willing to take zeros for raises the City will talk with us. The strategy of most Unions is to wait and see what happens.

The mayor has turned into a dictator trying to interfere in every aspect of one's life if they live in the city of New York. My favorite terminology of him is nanny Bloomberg. He will be gone and hopefully we will get a mayor that is more understanding of the needs of the middle-class.

This Presidential Election that lies ahead will be a referendum on the middle-class. Anyone who believes that the Republican Party is out for our best interest is looking at them through rose colored glasses. Romney is a corporate vulture that made his millions on the destitution and despair of hard-working people that were the middle-class. His success with Bain Capital came with companies that created jobs that paid only $10.00 an hour and had minimal benefits and limited retirement plans.

What good is it to create jobs if they cannot provide for a family or leave something to take care of us in our golden years? I want to let everyone know that we all are the 99, every member of Local 300. Think about this that if 1 of the people control most of the wealth in the U.S.A. then really we are a dictatorship and not a democracy. This is why President Obama should be elected for four more years because he is the only chance that we have as working Americans. He has promised to restructure the tax system so all pay their fair share.

One tidbit of information for all of you: Why does General Electric not have to pay Taxes but we must pay 35 of our earnings. If you believe this is fair then please vote for Mr. Romney. Vote for President Obama and his pledge to restructure the tax system. Finally remember that Mr. Romney only pays about 15 of his earnings while we pay 35. Let no one kid you this is class warfare and we as the middle class need to start taking back America.:

Finally, I hope to see many of you at our General Membership Meeting on Wednesday June 27,2012 6:00PM at 36-36 33rd Street, Suite 200 L.I.c. 11106_ Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden

In Mitt Romney's speech April 24 laying claim to the Republican presidential nomination, he responded directly to President Obama's attempts to talk about the unfairness of the economic situation in the country for the poor and the middle class. Mr. Romney said he, too, is focused on unfairness, but he defined it differently.

"We will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve; and we will stop the unfairness of one generation passing larger and larger debts onto the next:'