President Message

April 2017

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Dear Members,

I hope that all have had a joyous holiday season. It has been awhile since we last spoke and many things have happened over that time. We as a union have reached out to the city to start negotiations concerning our next contract. Remember our final raise from our current contract will kick in on August 23, 2017 and will be 3%.

There is one important thing I would like to bring to everyone’s attention. If, and when you decide to change agencies for more money, make sure in your personal negotiations, that your Union raise is not included in the amount that the new agency is promising you. In other words, if you are due a 3% raise at your old agency and going to a new agency right after the raise takes effect, and the new agency promises you 8%, that 8% is on your old salary before your 3% union raise. As a result, you will only be netting 5%. When you negotiate your new raise, you must take it up with the new agency that they will give you 8% on your salary after the 3% Union raise kicks in. This responsibility is yours and no one else’s because we all know how the City is only looking out for their own interests. We as a union have no recourse for this because it is contractually characterized as a meritorious raise.

Our so-called President has made our country a laughing stock throughout the world. The only thing he has made great again is comedy! It is a disgrace that he was elected and allowed to attempt to put his agenda into place in OUR country. He has decided that global warming doesn’t exist. If he is not stopped our children and their children will be wearing breathing devices to go out and play. He is a buffoon and a stooge of a Vladimir Putin. Anyone that thinks the Russians and Putin didn’t help Trump steal the election are naïve. All we can do is express our right to free speech and obstruct him and his polices every step of the way.

He has propagated an atmosphere of hate in our country and there is no place for that in the United States of America. He was a con man and enough of the people fell for it and did believe that they were voting to make America better. So along with the help of the Russians he stole the election. The words Treason and Impeachment are starting to be used more and more, only one can hope. I whole heartedly agree with John Lewis and understand beyond a doubt why he boycotted the inauguration. These are dark days but they can be changed by the 2018 election cycle. I hope the whole country finally understands how important it is to vote and why the electoral college needs to be changed.

With that tirade ending I hope to see all of you at our next General Membership Meeting on Wednesday April 26, 2017 at 6:00PM in our Union Hall located at 36-36 33rd Street Suite 200 Long Island City, New York 11106. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden