President Message

March 23, 2015

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Dear Members,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday season. The Executive Board is back hard at work looking to improve on all that we have accomplished. By now everyone should have received their raises and retroactive monies. Those Administrative Titles that have joined our Union in the middle of the first year of our contract I am happy to let you know that the MEA has also settled and you should be receiving retroactive money for the time period that you were covered under them.

I want all our CUNY brethren to know that we have attended a few negotiating sessions and presented proposals to CUNY and are waiting for a response to come back. The problem is the state and their interpretation of what the economic agreement should be. We are working tirelessly with DC37 and the other unions on the coalition to bring the negotiations to a resolution. We know that it is hard to be without a contract for so long but the state is basically holding all of us hostage. We will continue the fight to bring you the best possible contract that we can.

We have started a new year and many challenges are on the horizon for all of us. The Presidential election is in 2016 and the campaigning will begin in earnest this fall. We will be hearing all kinds of promises from all the candidates but I believe there is one question we should ask ourselves “are we better off now than eight years ago”, I say that we are. I am a registered Democrat and believe that the party is for the middle class which we are all part of and most likely will always be until the end of our days. I hope that all of you vote democratic in the next elections but if you feel that you can’t that is fine just remember to vote.

At our March meeting there will be a presentation given by HeartScan and AFLAC companies that provide new benefits to our membership. We would like all of you to take advantage of these benefits because we believe that they are important steps on the road to good health and welfare. We are getting older and need to take care of ourselves.

I hope to see you at our next Union Meeting that will take place on Wednesday March 25, 2015 at 6:00PM in the Union Office 36-36 33rd Street, Suite 200 Long Island City, NY 11106. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden