President Message

March 2013

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Dear members,

We hope all of you had a happy and healthy holiday season. We are back to the old grindstone and we have many new challenges to face. The Executive Board and I are hard at work with our membership addressing many issues that are occurring at various work sites.

We are pleased to announce the creation of a Civil Service list for the Title of Forensic Mortuary Technician; current members and new members have been called from this list establishing them as Civil Servants in this title. These old and new members are the first Civil Servants in the title of Forensic Mortuary Technician. We know that one of the most important concerns is getting a new contract. The consensus with all of the unions is for us to wait until Mr. Bloomberg leaves office and negotiate with the new Mayor.

We would like to take the time to welcome two new titles into our union; Administrative Procurement Analyst and Administrative Quality Assurance Specialist. These are management titles and those with the title as high as M3 are now members of our union. We were able to acquire these titles by presenting a case to the Office of Collective Bargaining on why these titles should be included in our Bargaining Group. We took this action because many Agencies were hiring managers to do our purchasing work. We will always make the City play by the rules that they have put in place. The managers are the same as the rest of us in that they need raises and benefits to take care of their families. We think that this is a good move for the union and will give a better understanding by all concerning the mechanisms of running the City.

The election season has finally come to an end and I say amen to that. The people have spoken and have as far as I am concerned put the right man in the White House. We of course must deal with a dysfunctional Congress and hope that they can find some way to come to a compromise. We are all working families and working men and women we are not rich so our taxes will not increase dramatically and till this day I don’t understand why any of us would be against a tax increase on purchasing a yacht. The argument that it would cost jobs just doesn’t fly with me.

We invite all old members and new members to our next General Membership meeting taking place in our Union office 36-36 33rd Street Suite 200, Long Island City New York 11106, on March 20, 2013 at 6:00PM. Refreshments will be served and we hope to see all of you there.

In Unity,

James Golden