President Message

March 2011

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Dear members,

I hope all of you had a wondrous holiday season and it was so nice to see so many of you at our Holiday Gala. I write this message with a call to the membership to take up the fight against the Bloomberg Administration. The mayor has declared war on the civil servant. Everything that we have fought for over the years is being attacked. He is trying to circumvent the rules by taking his agenda directly to the state legislature without any Union participation. Whether it is our pensions that are governed by state law or the civil service law that has governed our employment with the City of New York from the day we were hired.

The attacks have increased on us as civil servants ever since the congress and senate changed in the mid-term elections. If it is Wisconsin or New York the attack against labor is because we were able to elect a President. Whether you agree with our President's policies or not we were still able to defeat the status quo. We have been vilified by the press and turned into demons because we are civil servants. In the City of New York the reason that our pension payments supposedly cannot be afforded by the City is because the City deferred payment for many years. In other words they gave the pension system an IOU for years gone by and now they feel they shouldn't have to pay.

You try this on your rent or mortgage and see what happens. Our pension system was reported last year as one of the systems that is 100% funded which means it is not in any kind of fiscal trouble. This whole crisis has been created by the mayor to turn public opinion against Unions so he can pass his agenda of dismantling civil service. He wants his managers to have the right to hire and fire at will. This should be unacceptable to all of us. This would mean that the employees that make more money because of their longevity could be fired and those employees that make less could be kept.

The attack on the Teachers has nothing to do with the administration being worried about the children it has to do with money. The mayor has decided he should be allowed to do whatever he wants as if the City is his company. Mayor Bloomberg is trying to change the rules without involving the Unions. He needs to be reminded that the Mayor of New York is not a dictator but an elected official.

We have had war declared on us and we need to fight back. This can be done by finding out who are your State Senator and your State Assemblyman and writing a letter saying you are a city worker and I vote. Pensions and benefits should only be changed through cooperation between the Unions and the City, this has always been the way that modifications to our pension system has been done up until now. We cannot allow some misguided out of touch New Yorker determine our futures. We have a link on our web-site that will assist you in finding your state senator and state assemblyman and their address so you can send a letter to help combat the mayor's attack. Please draft a letter and send it out. We are fighting the fight but we need everyone's participation to win.

So come to our General Member ship meeting on Wednesday March 23, 2011, 6:00 pm at 36-36 33rd Street Ste. 200 L.I.C. New York 11106. Refreshments will be served.

In Unity,

James Golden