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  November 3, 2010

Stacey Braun Associates hosted its semi-annual Retirement Planning Seminar on Wednesday October 27, 2010. Local 300's Retirement Planning Program is a benefit that has been established for YOU, whether you are in the pre-retirement accumulation stage or nearing the retirement decision stage, this benefit is beneficial for ALL Active Members.

Mr. Gerry McGahran, representative from the retirement planning firm of Stacey Braun Associates made a presentation and answered members' questions regarding retirement planning as well as general financial topics.

The semi-annual seminar is open to all members and their spouses, and will benefit YOU, no matter how far away from retirement you may be. The next seminar is scheduled for May 2011; The Executive Board of Local 300 along with Stacey Braun will collaborate to get the exact date and time out to YOU.

YOU don't have to wait to take advantage of the RETIREMENT PLANNING PROGRAM; just follow the following information and YOU, too can have an easier time making that crucial decision to retire.

Retirement Planning Program(PDF)

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